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Creative Spirit.

Supa Hot Fire

Yesterday at 1 pm I thought it would be interesting to check out the performance at the financial aid office. Since I myself already have a strong opinion on the school’s financial aid office, I thought it would be interesting to see what type of performance they would stage in there.  When I walked in, I noticed that the group members were completely discrete about the fact that they were doing a project- they wanted the students to believe that they were just ordinary students waiting to be helped, like them, that brought games. The group members were so friendly and inviting and had a lot of students participate in their games that they brought, which included Jenga, Twister, sherrades, and others. I thought it was just so much fun, and other students waiting to be helped joined in and played along. They also provided Kool-Aid jammers and candy which was a major plus. Overall, great performance and one of the best I have seen.

Brother-Sister Plays

On Sunday the 24th, I went to see Temple’s brother-sister play.  The play I went to was Part 2 of “The Brother Size & Marcus; or the Secret of Sweet” from 8-10 pm.  My expectations before going to see this play were high, because I have heard such great things about the Brother Sister plays at Temple.  Each year they sell out or get close to it.  However, I have never seen a live play before, so I was excited for the overall experience of doing something new.  The play that I saw was actually directed by a familiar face, David, who is also a teacher of Creative Spirit and is involved in lectures throughout the semester.  Overall, the play was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and moving, to say the least! The main character Marcus was outstanding throughout the entire play.  All of his struggles that he were coming to terms with related to my life a lot.  He was seeming to try to find his purpose in his life and the person he wants to become in life.  The play was extremely dramatic and involved so much emotion that it was nearly impossible to get emotionally attached to Marcus and his life.  Marcus reminds me of myself in some ways, by not being too sure of who he is or where his life is taking him.  His struggles can be related by almost all college students regardless of their age.  Marcus, to me, served as a great example of confusion.  I loved this play, and at the end it left me emotional in the sense of thinking about myself and my own life! Which I thought was absolutely awesome. Definitely seeing these plays next year.

Team World

This evening at 5:30 I went to check out Team World’s presentation infront of Barton B on Liacouras Walk. I was super excited to see this, because they are a group from my Creative Spirit breakout class.  When I walked up, I wasn’t too sure about where their presentation was being held. However, I saw a chair in the middle of Liacouras Walk that had a computer on it.  I then noticed the huge projection of the laptop onto the wall of Barton and everyone watching it on the steps of 1940 Residence Hall. I knew that this presentation was going to be a great one because of their idea that fascinated me. I was super surprised at the turn out. They interviewed a number of people and their responses were all very diverse and interesting. For example, one person was asked if they were going home for Thanksgiving Break, but they said that they were not because their parents took away his cat.  I found this to be very interesting yet funny. It was an awesome project that definitely exceeded my expectations.



Flower Power

Today I was just able to make it to see Flower Power’s performance at the bell power at 3 o’clock.  These are members of my class, so I was especially excited to see how their performance turned out.  Despite the cold weather, they were able to recruit a number of students walking by to share their cheers with them.  They maintained a peppy, happy and cheerful attitude throughout the entire duration of their project.  Even with facing rejection from a number of students in a hurry to get to class in the cold, it did not stop them from staying peppy, just how cheerleaders are.  Their goal in this project was to just share happiness and boost self-esteem among people walking from class to class.  From what I saw, they definitely succeeded at brightening people’s day and giving people a smile. I thought this was a great turn out for their project.

Kun-Yang Lin

This past Thursday I was granted the opportunity to experience a show unlike any other I have seen before. When Kun-Yang Lin granted our lecture class with his presence the week prior to going to the show, I was already astounded at his diverse nature. The way he explained his way of teaching and dancing was extremely intellectual and admirable. I just found him so interesting as a person. From that point, I was extremely excited for this past Thursday where I could see his work in live action. Upon arriving, my expectations were pretty high for this performance. And I can strongly state that every expectation was met. Our professors had shown us a video of the performance, and we also watched videos in lecture, but it was NOTHING compared to seeing it live. It was honestly MOVING, in lack of better words. Their movements, the way they danced was so graceful, peaceful, and earthly. I could honestly say that the performance touched my soul to the point where my entire body and mind was involved in these dances. It was more than just a dance, it was more of a story. Stories of emotion, love, and even pain were portrayed in these dances. All without saying a single word. This experience was so different for me, and at the same time so mind-opening and aspiring.

First Friday

I took the subway to visit Old City on November 1st to see what First Friday was all about. I was extremely sick, but I got myself out of bed to make a trip down for a few hours with my Dad. When we got there, we weren’t sure of what it was all about. We saw many older folks going in and out of various buildings. We finally realized that they were different galleries that anyone is welcome to walk through and look at different pieces of art. I noticed that there are many artists that participate in the First Friday event and I thought that was really cool. My dad and I went in three or four different galleries, while also seeing different stands of tie-dying, vintage kneading, and other arts. One gallery that stuck out to me was the Muse Gallery. It was filled with really exquisite and unique pieces of art, and the gallery itself caught my eye. The Temple Gallery was also really cool just to see the talent and skill of our fellow classmates. I thought the experience as a whole was very artistic which is different for me, considering that I was never really into art! But I got to appreciate it in different galleries tonight for free. It was pretty cool.

Philadelphia Film Festival

Yesterday at the Philadelphia Film Festival was a good time. I watched a movie called the “Tasting Menu” which was originally a Spanish film that has been converted to English. At first, I had a hard time figuring out where the “Ritz Bourse” venue was, but I eventually found it and made it to the show right on time. My expectations for the venue were met, it was a nice place and I was comfortable and relaxed.  The thing that stuck out to me the most was that the crowd consisted of mostly Spanish-Hispanic people. Before watching this movie, I did not look up any reviews or anything about it, so I did not know that it was a Spanish film. When I walked into the room and saw the large amount of Spanish-speaking people, I immediately got nervous and was convinced that I bought a ticket for a Spanish-speaking movie and started to get almost annoyed that I was about to sit through two hours of foreign confusion, not being able to make sense of the movie whatsoever. However, when the movie turned on, I was so relieved that it was actually in English. Overall, the movie was good and I was involved in the storyline and was interested in how the end of the movie would play out. It was a good movie and a fun experience.


World Cafe Live

I had a wonderful experience at World Café Live on Tuesday, October 2nd. At first, my expectations were doubtful, because I am not into rock-type music and I knew it was a local band. I thought to myself upon arriving, “ugh, I really do not want to have to sit through this.” When I entered the building, though, my thoughts immediately changed.

The vibe and the energy in the air before the show started was phenomenal. Everybody was chatting, drinking, and having a great time. The lights were dimmed, along with colorful lights surrounding the stage. While waiting for Lake Street Dive to play, I ordered wings (which were fabulous). The first band entered the stage, and as soon as they started playing their music, I could tell that they were one of the most unique bands I have ever seen. They used almost every instrument known (including the cello, guitars, ukuleles, drums) BUT the most creative part of their performance was that they played out of instruments, that were not instruments! For example, I was in total awe when one man from the band picked up a saw and started playing music from it. Also, even more shockingly, another man was playing an instrument out of a very large fruit!  I thought that was incredibly creative and intuitive. I really got into their music, clapping along, dancing and enjoying myself amongst everybody else in the room.

All along, I thought that this first band was Lake Street Dive, the band that was on my ticket to see. However, at 8:30, only 30 minutes after the show started, they leaved the stage. I thought to myself, “wow, that was it?” However, soon enough another band entered the stage, accompanied by the crowd going wild with clapping. The lead singer was beautiful and graceful, with one of the most amazing voices that I had ever heard. The lyrics to their songs were inspiring to me and touched me. A lot of the lyrics she was singing had to do with bad decisions she had made, and one in particular line was “I hope those men don’t talk to each other,” meaning that she was in-between men and in a predicament.

Overall, I thought this experience at World Café Live was very new and inspiring to me. It taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things sometimes. My expectations before arriving were completely opposite than how I felt at the end of the show. The vibe, the energy, and the bands were all creative to me.